A Leading Freeport FL Porch Enclosure Company Has Launched a New Website


JC Patio Enclosures 30A has teamed up with a local web design firm, SEO is Local, to create an easy-to-use new website.

November 17, 2022, Freeport, Florida – JC Patio Enclosures 30A is pleased to announce the official launch of its new website. The renowned Freeport, FL company, known as a patio enclosure and residential painting expert, has collaborated with web design firm SEO is Local to create a user-friendly site that clients will appreciate.

Ernie Castellanos, one of JC Patio Enclosures owners, expressed his enthusiasm about the new website, saying, “We are very excited to be able to serve the Walton County community with outdoor living enhancements including painting and carpentry. We have enjoyed working with homeowners in the area and the new website will be the perfect next step to expanding our reach to new members of the community.”

JC Patio Enclosures 30A, is active and well-known in the community. The family-owned, locally operated licensed and insured company understands the needs of its nearby clients and offers them an array of services such as patio enclosures, pool deck enclosures, residential painting, and carpentry, to name a few.

“Experience the Difference” is the motto and philosophy of JC Patio Enclosures 30A. Their dependable installation professionals are well-trained to provide enclosed structures that give protection from bugs, rain, and wind while enjoying the mild Florida Panhandle temperatures most of the year!. With the launch of the new JC Patio Enclosures 30A website, the trusted patio enclosure company adds yet another level of outstanding customer convenience.

About JC Patio Enclosures 30A, LLC: The family-owned and locally operated enterprise, headquartered in Freeport, Florida, is a community leader known for providing superior home painting, carpentry and screened porch services.

CONTACT: Please contact us if you want to learn more about JC Patio Enclosures 30A or their new website.

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